Still, Wait For MeFantasyCompleted

Xiang Tingsheng(项庭生)
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Inexplicably reborn in the year 2003, having failed terribly in his previous life, the prevailing concern with Xu Tingsheng, that stands above all else, is none other than her. But alas, he is just months away from entering university, while she is but in her first year of junior high… Regarding this, all he can do is wait silently…for now. In the meantime, other matters remain ... more

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  • Secret Identity
  • Handsome Male Lead
  • Past Plays a Big Role
  • Male Protagonist
  • Romance
  • Second Chance
  • Calm Protagonist
  • Mature Protagonist
  • Modern Day
  • Loyalty
  • School Life
  • Business Management
  • Cunning Protagonist
  • Shameless Protagonist
  • Caring Protagonist